Development of customized Ethereum smart contracts and DApps (decentralized applications).

We have three years of experience in Ethereum smart contract development. We delivered various customer projects especial in the field of tokenization. We developed ERC20 / fungible and ERC721 / non-fungible-tokens and decentralized exchange smart contracts. Furthermore we delivered for our customers customized private permissioned Ethereum networks.

We provide customized smart contracts and frontend development for our customers. We offer services to support the customer’s development team during the blockchain implementation phase. Thanks to the well-experience and knowledge of the whole ecosystem, we support the team to avoid common pitfalls in the development process

Our smart contracts comes with the highest code quality, 100% test coverage and complete documentation, which is ready to pass independent smart contract and code audits.

Tokenization, ERC-20, ERC-721

In the process of tokenization we digitalize physical or virtual assets into standardized and tradeable tokens on the Ethereum platform.

  • We advise you in tokenize your fungible or non-fungible assets.
  • Implementation and deployments of ERC-20, ERC-721 smart contracts.
  • Integrating your tokens into the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • DeFi integration

When following the right standards the tokens will be integrated into many services such as exchanges and marketplaces.

Blockchain Advisory

We have several years professional experience on consulting and designing blockchain solutions for the industry.

  • We support you with blockchain cryptocurrency advisory services.
  • Business case shaping.
  • Solution design and technology advisory.

We have delivered solutions to the pharma, banking and commodity trading industries. We have built supply-chain, identity, tokenization and trading services PoCs and MvPs.

The unique properties of the blockchain technology opens a new range of businesses and revenue models. Traditional business cases needs to be adopted to use the benefits of the blockchain technology.

We will support you in the process of the solution design, the governance model and selecting the right technologies for the implementation.