Whitelabel NFT Marketplace - OpenMarket

OpenMarket white-label solution is an out-of-the-box NFT-Marketplace for trading ERC-721 NFTs. It’s highly customisable and can be adjusted for customer requirements. OpenMarket works technically on all EVM based blockchains. It’s designed to run on the customers cloud infrastructure and be operated by the customer.

Supported interfaces:

  • ERC-20
  • ERC-721
  • ERC-2981 (Royalty standard)

Demonstration instance

Core Features

OpenMarket is built on three main modules:

  • Frontend: User can browse, filter, buy, and sell NFTs.
  • Backend: Indexing NFTs and the corresponding metadata. Keep track of the order book. Provides APIs for the frontend.
  • Smart-Contract / DEX: Buy trades relay only on blockchain technology. By buying NFTs the user directly interacts over a P2P network with the smart contract without a centralized party.

Smart contract

  • Works on all EVM based blockchains
  • Swaps ERC-721 NFTs with native coin or ERC-20 Token
  • Order validation
  • Buying with native Coin (ETH, Matic, …)
  • Buying with any ERC-20 Token
  • Supports the ERC-2981 Royalty standard
  • Cancelling orders
  • 100% decentralized / Code is law


  • One instance works on all EVM based blockchains
  • Indexing any ERC-721 NFT
  • Configurable payment options
  • Orderbook management
  • Filtering NFTs and orders
  • Fully configurable over admin APIs
  • Runs on all cloud services (Docker)